About Us

Hi, my name is Corbin and I am a wannabe DIYer. My wife and I bought our first house a few months ago and to be honest It was a cookie-cutter house. Everywhere you looked it was just white walls. Not even “eggshell” white, the color was literally called “extra white”.

I have zero construction working background, in fact, my full-time job is mostly working on a computer all day. I think this is why I started to gravitate to doing DIY projects in the first place, I wanted to build something with my hands. So between the boring white walls and working on a computer all day at the age of 27, I figured it was a good time to learn how to use some power tools and start DIYing. I am not a professional and I probably never will be, but I am going to have a dang fun time trying and making mistakes along the way.

My hope for this blog is that people will be able to come here and see a real person who making cool things, but also showing real mistakes. I hope to inspire you to not only go out and build new things but show people that it is okay to fail and try again. After all, that is how we all learn. 🙂

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