Top 6 Power Tools For Beginners

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Whether you’re a newbie or are a seasoned DIYer, having power tools in your workshop can do wonders. But with so many power tools out there in the market, picking up the right set of tools is quite overwhelming. DIY ventures can be intimidating, especially when you’re ill-prepared. Without having proper gadgetry and toolkit, you could end up doing more harm than good.

Anyhow, here’s our take on a good range of power tools that will help you tackle your home improvement projects efficiently, effortlessly, and expertly. With such, you can take on any interior or exterior home improvement project and can even tinker with general repair jobs without much hassle.

So, let’s delve in:


Whether you’re looking to secure a curtain rail or hang a gallery print, you need a precise drill that can drill holes and fasten screws tightly.

A cordless drill is a versatile power tool that is portable and is an all-purpose tool. In most DIY projects, a cordless drill can do wonders. It is battery operated, and its portability is the whole ball game. You can take it anywhere you want without the hassle of finding a power socket.

With adjustable clutch and torque control, you can adjust the settings to meet the requirements of materials like wood, concrete, brick, metal and plastic.


You need a mitre saw to chop flooring, trim skirting boards or make pieces of flooring trim to match desired dimensions. A mitre saw is arguably the best cutting machine that allows you to cut a variety of angles. So, whether you need to make cuts for crown moulding, picture frames, or door frames, a mitre saw has a lot to offer.


Mitre saw, and circular saw makes the best combination to achieve long cuts. With a high-powered sharp moving blade, you can achieve straight and accurate cuts in any DIY venture.

A typical blade in a circular saw helps you cut 2x4s plywood and other lumber. You can outfit the circular saw with different blades to cut through masonry, metal, and other materials. DIYers love this hand-held cutting tool that gives you the ultimate control whiling cutting timber, mouldings for shelves, floorboards, or paving masonry.


The next up on our list is a jigsaw. It allows you to have angular shapes, circles, or curved profiles and patterns on various materials. It gives you ultimate flexibility while cutting decorative designs into timber or plunging a hole for a kitchen sink.

The best part is the adjustable base plate. This feature allows you to cut mitres or bevelled edges in a carpentry project on the go. While purchasing a jigsaw, make sure to pick one that comes with tool-less blade changing. Moreover, a blade with fewer teeth will give you rough cuts, while one with more teeth will provide you with cleaner edges.


Random orbit sander is not just a good friend for woodworkers. You can also achieve an ultra-smooth finish with a sander on plastic or while metalworking.

It vibrates in tiny circles, i.e. the pad spins and oscillates in random motion, hence named random orbit sander.

So, whether you’re preparing a surface for paintwork or staining something like wood wall art , a random orbit sander let you achieve quick results.

Besides, the typical uses include removing stock from a surface, hardwood floor refinishing or smaller jobs like cabinetry.


This tool might be my favorite on the list. It makes pretty much every DIY project easier and in my opinion, is a must-have. You can’t just hit a hammer on nails while working around awkward or tight corners. That’s where nail guns come in handy.

Brad Nailers can drive nails into wood or another kind of material. You can save time and energy while fixing skirting boards, pinning decorative mouldings to furniture, or finishing work in carpentry projects. A nail gun is a lucrative investment that allows you to finish DIY projects with ease. It has been a life saver for me in a lot of my DIY projects like especially when hanging shiplap on my electric fireplace


So, you see, there’re several basic power tools in the market that could help you achieve a professional look in any DIY project. But that doesn’t mean you need to buy all at one time. You can start with a small investment and grow over time as your skillset improves.

Now that you have that you know what tools you need it is time to start building. If you are looking for simple and affordable project ideas, check out this post with 19 home decor ideas all for under $50.


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