The 5 Best Electric Fireplaces
Posted On: Sep 5, 2021

When selecting an electric fireplace you might have lots of questions about which is the best. I remember when I was selecting my first electric fireplace I had so many questions about which one to get. In this guide, I will walk you through the 5 best fireplaces and why I recommend them.




This is the electric fireplace that I personally have in my house. If you are looking for a nice aesthetically pleasing fireplace that is affordable this is the one for you.

The R.W Flame comes in a variety of sizes from 30 inches all the way up to 68 inches. Like most electric fireplaces it comes with a touch screen and remote control which can be used to customize 12 of the different LED light options.

I did do a full review of all the features of the R.W Flame in this video. In the video, I cover more of the feature in greater detail and walk through why it is the electric fireplace I recommend most. It also gives you a chance to see what the fireplace looks like in “real life”.

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This fireplace is perfect for anybody that doesn’t want to install anything on a wall or build a structure to add a fireplace insert. It is the optimal size for portability and gives you the freedom to move to any room that you want to make a little cozier.

I love the variety of colors that the Duraflame 3D Infrared comes in, there are 8 total colors to chose from. It also comes with an adjustable digital thermostat so you can control the temperature of whatever room you decide to put it in.

I would recommend this fireplace don’t want to do any extra work to build a structure or you want something a little less permanent.


My favorite feature of this fireplace is the fire crackling sound. The sounds truly does bring in a whole other level of realisticness to this fireplace. There are two different crackling sounds to choose from, both with volume control. Not to mention it also comes with faux logs and a faux brick background for anybody looking for more of the classic look.

Another thing I like about this fireplace is the control panel on the front is guarded by a small little protector. This is ideal if the fireplace is lower so kids don’t accidentally turn it on.



If you can’t decide if you want the more modern look with the crystals or a more classic look with faux logs then the Amazon basics fireplace is a great option. This fireplace comes with both crystals and artificial logs. Of course, you will only want one or the other in the fireplace at a given time, but this at least gives you the option to switch if you would like.

It comes in both 42 inches and 60 inches. It has 10 LED flame effects and a bunch of color options. Like the R.W Flame, it has both a touch screen on the front and a handheld remote for changing settings and powering off and on.

I installed this fireplace at my sister-in-law’s house and she absolutely loves it. She was having a hard time choosing between a log or crystal fireplace so this was the perfect option for her. She ended up going with logs if you were curious. I also did a full video review of the Amazon basics fireplace that you can check out here.


Touchstone fireplaces are beautiful and are probably the most well-known brand in the electric fireplace space. As a result, they do charge a premium for their fireplaces. If you are looking for the best fireplace and don’t mind spending more money this might be for you. The reason I personally went with the R.W Flame instead of this one is I didn’t quite think the price was exactly worth the extra features. But to some, it might be well worth the price for the upgraded feature.

Here are a few of the advanced features that come with the Touchstone Sideline. It comes does come with a faux fire log, driftwood, crystals, and 60 color combinations. The flames do look slightly more realistic than the other fireplaces and it is WiFi-enabled so you can connect it to your phone. If budget is not a problem for you then this fireplace will not disappoint.

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